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Weather in Chicago – How to be prepared

Weather is one of the things you have zero control over. This is why we think it’s important to prepare as best you can for a rainy OR hot day because lets face it, Chicago has very  inconsistent weather. You could probably make a sitcom on how Chicago weather acts like a rollercoaster. We have…

Cake Cutting 101

Although you may think this is an odd blog topic, we’ve found only 10% of my couples have confidence in what they’re supposed to do for a cake cutting. The “cake cutting” is a tradition that we see at most weddings. We’ve had a few this year that have opted out because it “wasn’t their…

How to include your mom on wedding day

When “the question” is popped and it’s time to start planning, it’s nice to include your mom to show her you appreciate all she has done for you growing up. We’re here to tell you all the various ways you could include your mom if you so choose. Tell her!, Engagement Party, Guest List, Budget, Accessories, Floral Accessories, Floral Showing, Responsibilities, Final Dress Fitting, Getting Ready, Bridesmaid Gifts, Transportation To The Ceremony, Walk Down The Aisle, Ceremony Shout Out, Unity Candle, Photo Display, Best Seat In The House, Thank her, Mother-Daughter Dance, Family Recipes, Honeymoon Hello.